Preparation avoids Frustration

Posted on October 12, 2011


Proper preparation does not always lead to a successful hunt. That can be frustrating, but that is why it’s called hunting and not killing. No one can be totally prepared for the unpredictability of a whitetail hunt.  Sometimes it is the intangibles that lead you to success and other times it’s little bit of luck.

We have all heard a story about someone who does zero preparation before stepping foot in the woods only to luck out and harvest an animal – and much to the chagrin of dedicated and prepared hunters across the country.  It happens every year, but that is no reason to neglect practice and preparation with your bow or crossbow, even though the stories may lead you to believe that you can leave that bow hanging until next season.  We can guarantee there are more stories told about a monster buck that got away because the hunter wasn’t properly prepared to effectively make the shot.

Shoot early and often.  As hunters, the last thing we want to do is wound an animal.  We want to fill our tags using precision and accuracy making the kill and recovery as quick as possible.

Andy Surra (left) and Dan Surra (right) of Team Surra Outdoors took these Ohio bucks with their Horton Crossbows

Like the old saying goes, practice makes perfect.  Shoot months in advance to build confidence with your weapon and ensure your effectiveness and consistency before you bring that weapon into the field.  Shooting on a more regular basis will increase your chances of success when a shot presents itself on that bruiser you have been eyeing all season. Being prepared for that moment will help you have more hunts that end like Andy and Dan Surra’s Ohio adventure and avoid the frustration of bringing home nothing more than a good story.

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