The Harrisburg Gun Show – B+ rating

Posted on December 21, 2011


Andy Surra is the Team Surra Outdoors Editor

The December Harrisburg Gun Show at the Farm Show Complex was the first Gun Show I have attended in quite a while. I walked away with a Savage Arms bolt action .22LR which will be my weapon of choice when squirrel hunting next season. I was happy with my purchase, the people I encountered, the facilities, and my overall experience.

The Harrisburg Show receives a B+ rating from Team Surra Outdoors. As I said before the overall experience was fruitful, however, I heard others complain about the prices for parking and entry being too high. The prices at the tables seemed expensive as well but I will chalk that up to the current market. The number of tables was below what I saw advertised but there was clearly a good showing of vendors. The Farm Show Complex is a wonderful facility and I cannot imagine a better place for a show.

I found the selection at the show broad and very well rounded. My only complaint would be the person to person market was practically nonexistent. I saw two gentlemen with pencils and for sale flags and I’m glad I didn’t bring my never fired, still in the box, CVA Electra to the show or I would have been relegated to taking that gun for a long walk around the Farm Show Complex.

Vendors continues to complain about delays and “crashes” in the Pennsylvania Instant Check System (PICS) which I should note is NOT the falt of the Gun Show. Every vendor I spoke with advocated for the elimination of the PICS system in favor of the National Instant Check System (NICS). I am sure they have a better grasp of the issue than I do but my PICS background check went through instantly and I personally did not encounter nor did I see anyone actually have a problem with the PICS system. (Note: If you have experienced a problem with the PICS system please email us at we would love to hear your story)

As gun owners and Gun rights advocates we like to complain about “what was wrong with the show” but we need to remain focused on the fact that without our local Gun Show we would be missing out on an opportunity to enjoy a quality experience in a beautiful facility all of which is located close to home. Let’s continue to support our Gun Shows and the vendors who attend them.

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