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Posted on January 21, 2013


IMG_4268a-001This week we’re introducing a new feature to Team Surra Outdoors: Sara’s KitchenSara is TSO Editor Andy Surra’s wife as well as editor and event planner at

Successful hunts have led to a full freezer in the Surra house, so Sara – who wasn’t raised in a hunting family – has learned how to appreciate and prepare venison. 

Hi! If you’re feeding venison newbies, this is a great recipe to start with. It’s simple, tender – and the tangy flavor of the sauce is a crowd-pleaser.

This dish is so easy is can barely be called a recipe. However, it does involve buying one special ingredient – but I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. I’ve served this dish with vegetables for one-pot meal as well as alongside butternut squash gratin (you’ll want that recipe, too). Most recently, I prepared this on its own for a party and provided buns for pulled venison sandwiches. Each time, friends and family raved.

Slow Cooker Venison Roast


Note: The vegetables are all optional, depending on how you want to prepare this dish. See options below.

Defrost your venison roast, if necessary. Once defrosted, soak in a container in milk overnight. This helps remove the sometimes funky smell that can occur when slow-cooking, as well as any gaminess.

The next morning, prep your veggies and layer them in your slow cooker. Remove the roast from the milk, but do not rinse it. I often just pat it dry with paper towels.

Place roast on top of vegetables. Dump the entire bottle of Torchbearer Sauces Carolina-Style BBQ sauce, covering the roast.

I know you’re wondering – “What, no salt and pepper? What the heck?” Honestly, if you feel the need to season your vegetables, have at it, but the roast won’t need it. The Torchbearer sauce has plenty of seasoning that will perk up everything in the slow cooker. 

Turn slow cooker on low and cook for about 8-9 hours. Don’t peek!

Option 1:

If you want a traditional dinner, remove the roast and slice. Using a slotted spoon, remove the vegetables from the cooker and lay them in your serving dish. Place roast pieces on top. Finish with extra juice from the slow cooker.

Option 2:

If you want pulled venison sandwiches, skip the onions, carrots and potatoes listed above (just be sure to put some sauce underneath the roast) and after 8-9 hours, use two forks to pull the venison roast into pieces inside the slow cooker. Mix to incorporate all the juices and sauce. Turn slow cooker to warm. Slice fresh rolls and let your family help themselves!

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