2020 Outdoor Resolutions

Posted on January 21, 2020



Andy Surra is the TSO Editor

With the holidays in the rear view mirror it is time to put some thought into our outdoor adventures from the previous year and resolve to better ourselves, and our hunting and fishing experiences, in the year to come. While I am certainly thankful for the success of 2019, I look forward to the new challenges which await in 2020. With that, I resolve to do the following:

  1. Upgrade My Archery Equipment: For 15+ years I have been using the same compound bow. Although I have had great success with my Matthews Outback, the newer bows on the market today are far superior and will aide me in my pursuit of the quickest and most effective harvest. I will have no problem finding a quieter, faster, more accurate, lighter, and more consistent option. My plan is to shoot all brands at the PA Eastern Sports & Outdoors Show and determine what is best for me. It’s like going to all the car dealerships to test drive the different vehicles on the lot. That is exactly what I am planning to do. I’m starting from scratch and look forward to all the new equipment. New bow, new sights, new rest, new release, new everything… the works!! This should be fun.
  2. Practice More: This is something I tell myself every year. “I will shoot all of my rifles, shotguns, pistols, crossbows, compound bows, to ensure expert level proficiency. I will tie fishing knots, you name it, I’ll be practicing it.” But this is also the annual resolution which I tend to neglect the most.  So, you might be asking yourself, what will be different in 2020, Andy? Well, hopefully the purchase of a new bow will scare me into practicing. The last thing I want to do is to wound an animal so that will drive me to hone my skills with my soon-to-be new weapon. Also, I’ll get to play with my new toy so I’m looking forward to that. I don’t want to sit in my treestand until I feel that I have reached stealth assassin proficiency with my new equipment.  As for the Fishing knots, I will have motivation to practice those as well. Keep reading.
  3. Plan a Trip: Ogascanan 029You can check this one off as completed!  Planning a trip has become more difficult with increased demands at work and home, not to mention the financial planning that comes with an outdoors destination vacation. That said, it is a tradition I am going to continue. I’m very excited to announce that the TSO crew will be making a return trip to Lake Ogascanan in 2020 and I cannot wait to return to the remote Canadian bush. 
  4. Catch Trout With My Grandfather’s Bamboo Fly Rod: In early January while traveling for work I stopped at my parents house for a visit. My dad gave me my Nonno Surra’s bamboo fly rod as a token of his remembrance. I plan to make the necessary repairs to get this family heirloom back on the stream to land some trout. It will be a great moment which I will cherish as I pay homage to a man who taught me so much.  After all, it’s the shared experiences and the connections which can only be found in the field or on the stream that make being in the outdoors worthwhile.
  5. Harvest a Spring Gobbler: It has been a while since I have killed a turkey in the spring. That is in large part due to the scant amount of time I have spent hunting spring turkey. Pennsylvania has a healthy and wily turkey population and I plan to bring home a bird this spring.
  6. Mentor Someone: Over the years I have mentored youth hunters, adult fishermen, and this year I plan to mentor a good friend who is interested in learning to deer hunt with a bow. I will be starting him out with a crossbow until he proves that he can take direction, sit still, and be quiet. While mentoring can take time away from your own efforts, the reward can be much greater. Sharing the experiences of a new or first time hunter help you reconnect with your own development, the people who helped you, and will remind you just how far you have come. Passing along your knowledge to someone else is the best way to grow our sport and its traditions.
  7. Blog More Frequently: UGH!!! the time constraints of work and life, damn you!! I have done a terrible job at both dedicating time to writing and meeting deadlines. In fact, I have two open drafts right now which are from last year that never saw the publish button. So, this will be a challenge but, I resolve to reconnect with my blog in 2020. Hopefully, you will enjoy the content.
  8. IMG_5367

    Andy’s 2019 Ohio Buck

    Bag a Trophy Buck: Typically, I am not one to exclusively chase trophies.  I want one, yes, but that hasn’t been my focus. Recently, I have been subscribing to the philosophy that if it’s a good deer, your heart is pumping, and you are given the opportunity, then take it. And that has worked. I have been successful in filling my tags and my freezer and have harvested some beautiful bucks… but not a bruiser. Pennsylvania offers plenty of healthy 2.5-3.5 year old deer which would make any hunter happy (like my 2019 Ohio buck pictured here). But for 2020, I’ll be searching for a 4-6 year old bruiser and I’m off to a good start. I already found a 4+ year old buck who recently dropped his antlers. He has been appearing at my hunting location consistently according to my trail cameras. So, hopefully he avoids poachers and an untimely demise on a highway until next archery season.

What are you resolving to do in 2020? Sit down and create you own Outdoor Resolutions list. Hang your list in plain view where you will see it everyday. Inspire yourself to get out in the field and enhance the adventures of you and your loved ones.

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