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Buck Fever Renewed

February 20, 2013


During the past couple of years I have spent most of my rifles seasons in the wrestling room training to become an NCAA National Champion. While wrestling in college I could not come home to hunt and for years I have missed out on the experience of being in the woods with my family and friends.  In my eyes, sharing the […]

Mentoring a Youth Hunter: Share the Tradition

September 5, 2012


(Editor’s Note: As lifelong hunter, former Member of the PA House of Representatives, and former Executive Director of the Governor’s Advisory Council on Hunting Fishing and Wildlife Dan brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the TSO team.) It is no secret that we are losing thousands of hunters to old age every year. […]

Bullseye: Sighting in Your Hunting Rifle

July 17, 2012


A Bullseye is more than a psychopathic assassin from the Daredevil comics known for his lethal precision and accuracy with any weapon including guns, knives, throwing stars, and even pencils. If you are not familiar with the comic series, then you maybe remember the character as portrayed by actor Colin Farrell in the Daredevil live action film starring Ben Afleck. Of course, bullseyes mean something much different to […]

You Located a Big One. Now What?

September 27, 2011


The season is beginning soon and you have just located a bruiser buck. Whether you see this buck while you are watching a food source in the preseason or viewed him in the timber during the season, there are a few things you have to do immediately if you want a chance at this buck. […]

Profile Adam Fox: TSO Whitetail Contributor

September 13, 2011


Team Surra Outdoors is proud to introduce you to our newest Whitetail Contributor, Adam Fox.  Adam was born and raised in St. Marys, PA. A product of hunting high pressured public hunting lands, Fox strives to put down big deer using the tactics and skills he has learned over years of hunting and observing the high pressured public hunting lands of […]