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Trim Shooting Lanes or.. Learn the Hard Way

September 25, 2012


Many archery deer hunters (myself included) have learned the importance of cutting shooting lanes the hard way. For me, it was just last season. I had done all the preseason preparation necessary for a successful season. I sighted in my bow, practiced regularly, setup and used my trail cameras to gather information, and cleaned and removed the scent from my clothing. All that was […]

Mentoring a Youth Hunter: Share the Tradition

September 5, 2012


(Editor’s Note: As lifelong hunter, former Member of the PA House of Representatives, and former Executive Director of the Governor’s Advisory Council on Hunting Fishing and Wildlife Dan brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the TSO team.) It is no secret that we are losing thousands of hunters to old age every year. […]

Early Returns: Trail Cameras 101

August 14, 2012


Many hunters struggle with maintaining their trail cameras. The modern day deer hunter must be committed to gathering as much information as possible about his/her hunting location. We have profiled proper trail camera use in an earlier post Click Here to read it. It is imperative that the information we receive from our trail cameras is as accurate as possible. This means the pictures […]

Maximize Your Practice Session: Finding the Vitals

August 1, 2012


Understanding the anatomy of whitetail deer is valuable information that every hunter must have to make a quick and clean harvest. It is our duty as sportsmen to do everything in our power to make and ethical kill. If you subscribe to that line of thinking, then you hold shot placement at a premium. The most ethical placements […]

Crossbows and Crossbow Myths

November 23, 2011


The full inclusion of crossbows into the Pennsylvania archery season is something I am personal very happy about. Crossbows open archery hunting to a wider variety of age ranges and provide a new method of entry into the exciting world of archery hunting. You “can” shoot any bow a long distance with accuracy and that […]

Whack-A-Doe: Whitetail success isn’t always in the “Big Woods”

November 1, 2011


My entire life I have hunted the “Big Woods” in rural Elk County in North Central Pennsylvania. I’ve always assumed that in order to see deer you had to go deep into the big woods, the further into the woods, the better. The 2011 archery season started no different for me. Scouting and setting stands in huge tracts of State Forest and […]

Early Season Update: Moon Phase

October 18, 2011


I have been out every day this season whether it is filming or hunting. I have hunted or filmed from twelve different settings and four different counties and have sat midday twice by a watering hole. Overall, I have spent more than 60 hours in the tree. I have consistently seen deer but not in large numbers. I have had two […]